I Am The Law

Final Render 7

Personal Work.  I finally had some time to get one of my models all the way to final render.  The hair was done with Ornatrix and was the biggest learning experience on this project.

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Head Wip


Screenshot of a head model I’m working on in Mudbox.


Character Wip


This is the start of a character I’m working on.  Some parts of body is not as detailed as others because they will be covered by clothes in the end and it’s still pretty rough.  I’m hoping to take this all the way to final render when I have time.

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Colt Python


This is a Colt Python I made for a character.  It is a high res poly model and this is a straight screen capture from 3DS Max viewport.  The details were mostly bump/displacements and created by hand.  For instance, the logo on the handle was sculpted in Mudbox then made into a displacement map.


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